Springtime Reminders For The Month of April

Spring is officially here and April is the most beautiful month. Let’s celebrate the beauty of the month with some ideas to keep ourselves sane this month, and maybe enjoy some quality time too:

  • Buy or pick a small bouquet of flowers for your home. Set them on the dining room table so that when you are eating you’ll be reminded of the beauty of the month.
  • Gut your clothes closet this month … getting rid of the 80 percent of clothes you don’t wear. Be honest with yourself and donate any items that you 1.) no longer fit into 2.) don’t really like. Do the same with your shoes.
  • Buy a new scented candle and light it at night after the kids go to bed. Let this light remind you to take time for yourself each and every day, even it is it just the few minutes to light this candle.
  • Save money by buying items that typically go on sale in April: TVs, appliances, dairy products. See the complete list at: workingmother.com
  • Look up and make a new spring recipe.
  • Get geared up for beautiful weather by looking at some springtime photos.
  • Start planning for a summer getaway. It need not be a big, expensive vacation. Just plan on some quality time taking a break with your family.
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