Why I Blew Off Guy Kawasaki

Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement … actually, I just blew off his speech. Guy Kawasaki (the creator of AllTop.com, among other things) was in Orlando last week giving a presentation that I had to miss. I really, really wanted to go, but had to prioritize. Sorry, Guy, you were at the end of the priority list this week. It went like this:

1. Spend time with my son

2. Committee commitments

3. Class assignments

4. Previous commitment with girlfriends for girls night out

5. Guy Kawasaki event

OK, so I could have blown off my friends to go to the Kawasaki event, but they would have killed me, and, frankly I need the mental stimulation I get from this group of women. Had I known about the event before I made plans with my friends and the committee I am on, I would have been able to do all of it with creative scheduling. It would have been great to hear Guy speak but something had to give.

Each week I have to make tough decisions that balance my personal, work and social calendar. Sometimes my friends get the short end, sometimes it’s the family, this time it was Guy Kawasaki. In the end I just do the best I can to balance it all and hope that those I have to put off will understand.

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