Children of 9/11

by Alicia Lewis Murray on September 11, 2008

Two years ago Diane Sawyer did a story on the children and babies who lost their dads on 9/11. Many mothers were pregnant on 9/11, when their husbands died. Many of the dads were firefighters and other rescue workers.

The moms had to go on. They had to keep living — for their kids.

It’s been 7 years since that day. Seven years without a Daddy.

I wasn’t a mother 7 years ago. I was working from home that morning, but was quickly called in after the attacks happened. Summoned to the newsroom where I spent three days cropping and uploading AP photos for readers to see on

Now that I am a mother, it’s even harder to hear stories about families being torn a part. Let’s take today to remember the Mommys and Daddys who lost their lives that day, and to be thankful for the time we still have with our kids.


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FireMom September 12, 2008 at 9:01 am

Sawyer’s special had the song “Already There” by Lonestar at the end of that special. I cannot listen to that song, even now, without thinking of those children and those mothers and those fathers. I cannot.

In fact, I just got weepy thinking about it.


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