How People Find Balancing Motherhood — Installment #4

Another installment where I sift through the keywords that people use to find my blog. Here’s the latest of the greatest:

  • free printable daddy — all I can say is “interesting”
  • coloring page of many children sleeping — I suppose this is to encourage your child to sleep
  • how to make a poopy diaper — Put on diaper. Open mouth. Insert food. Wait 8 hours.
  • cookie ingredients — this is so vague I don’t know where to begin. Wonder what kind of cookies this person is looking to make.
  • mother makes $4000 month blogging — I wish. Afraid you got the wrong blog. One day. One day indeed!
  • cosmo + children’s video = trains — If you drink too many Cosmos and watch too many children’s videos I’m sure you’ll be seeing something. No wonder this keyword combination makes no sense.
  • balancing everything blog pregnant — yep, that’s me.
  • toddler keeps taking poopy diaper off — Yuck!


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