Is Anna Duggar Pregnant?

***** UPDATE 11/11/10 Anna Duggar Is Pregnant Again

**** UPDATE 10/9/09 Anna Duggar Gives Birth To Baby Girl

*** UPDATE 9/1/09* Michelle Duggar Pregnant With Baby Number 19 

** UPDATE 8/4/09* Find out if it’s a boy or a girl for Anna and Josh.

* UPDATE 4/13/09 * From Ann and Josh Duggar’s Web site:

We are now working full-time together at our pre-owned car dealership and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new little one! Season 2 of the series recently retitled “18 Kids & Counting!” on TLC will also highlight Anna’s pregnancy and keep viewers up to date on Josh & Anna’s life. You can check the TLC website for more information on the Duggars’ Television reality series.”

Each and every day I get someone coming to my site looking for the answer to “Is Anna Duggar Pregnant?” I don’t know the answer. If she is, I don’t think she’s telling anyone.

The question is swelling around Anna’s mother-in-law, who recently gave birth to her eighteenth child. Yes, 18 kids. And she wants more. Michelle Duggar has been quoted as saying she’d love to have more children. Her eldest child, Joshua Duggar, recently got married — to Anna. The young couple — in their very early 20s — apparently didn’t even kiss before their wedding day.

They, like their parents, want as many children as God will allow. Now, can you see why people are asking if Anna’s pregnant already? I’m sure it won’t be long before there is news of a grandchild for the elder Duggars. Who knows how long it will be before there’s an announcement from Josh and Anna; in the meantime, I assume people will still Google “Is Anna Duggar pregnant?” until they find out.

Maybe they’ll announce it on their official Web site.


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