5 Reasons to be Thankful

Sometimes it’s hard to find reasons to be thankful. It’s easier as Thanksgiving nears, but I wonder if we can find ways to be thankful year-round.

  1. Even though I don’t have enough time to blog as much as I used to, I know that I will be able to come back to this endeavor. I am thankful for the readers who have stuck with me on this journey.
  2. Time. I don’t have enough of it, but I am thankful that I have found creative ways to get more done each day.
  3. For a husband who does more than his fair share … of everything.
  4. Kids. This is a motherhood blog after all! I have two great, healthy, amazing kids who challenge me every day.
  5. Becoming a more confident woman.

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Alicia Lewis Murray BioABOUT ALICIA: Alicia is the founder of Balancing Motherhood.com. Last year, she managed to stay sane while completing an MBA, working full-time, blogging, and still baking amazing birthday cakes ā€” all while raising a young family at home.

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