‘Charlie the Ranch Dog’ and ‘Bedtime for Mommy’ Children’s Books

Charlie The Ranch Dog bookI bought Ree Drummand’s (aka THE Pioneer Woman) new children’s book for the kids. I got Ree’s love story for me, but let’s talk about the children’s book.

Charlie the Ranch Dog” is really cute with great illustrations. I love a kid’s book if the illustrations are well executed. Charlie delivers on this front. It’s also well-written and talks about a basset hound named Charlie, who lives on cattle ranch, and how “busy” he gets … usually he’s busy taking naps. My kind of life.

My 5 year old loved it and actually got some of the humor. My two year old liked the pictures. We’ve read this book several times already and really enjoy it.

When I was at the bookstore I happened across another children’s book with an amazing cover and picked it up right away. I wanted to be the woman on the cover, hands raised, feet in the air … it’s bedtime! Hooray!

Bedtime for Mommy bookBedtime for Mommy,” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is super sweet tale of a little girl putting her mommy to bed. What a wonderful concept. Can you imagine having to go to bed. To be read a story. To be in bed at a decent time, and to be able to sleep as long as you want? Sounds glorious.

As I’m posting this I see a theme … maybe I need a nap!

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