Creative Ideas For Hosting The Next Baby Shower

My friend, Andrea, recently threw a baby shower for her sister and used a unique activity to help fill the time: onsie painting. She bought a few packages of plain white onsies and supplied fabric pens and stencils. All of the onsies got painted and everyone had a great time.


Fabric pens and stencils to paint the onsies.



It helps they know the name of the baby.

Here’s my favorite … the diaper cake. I first heard of diaper cakes from Sex and the City. These things are expensive if you buy them pre-made, but Andrea shows one here that you can do it yourself and have it look great!


There are a ton of ways to organize and decorate a diaper cake, but this shows the beauty in the simplicity of flowers and elegant ribbon. Next time you have to host a baby shower, think of something unexpected. Below are some sites that might help in your planning.

Photos courtesy Andrea Morhack.




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    Shower curtains. Glass doors are too much trbuole to clean. If you get water on your floor, you must be using your shower curtain wrong (I don’t know how).But to each his/her own.Edit: Looking at the other people’s answer’s, maybe it’s an American/UK thing. Here the shower curtains have little magnets in the bottom so they stay where you put them.?

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