Doing What You Love, 10 Minutes at a Time

clock.jpgSurrounding yourself with positive energy is so important in order to achieve your dreams. I love this story that I was pointed to yesterday.

What is it you love to do the most?

What have you given up to be a mom?

What would you do if you could find the time to do something you love?

What if you were told all you need is 10 minutes to do things you love? Laura Brady Shade uses the power of 10 minutes to make a difference in her life. She looks for 10-minute gaps in her daily schedule, then fills that time with things she likes or needs to do. She writes about how she’s read books. completed house projects, and — get this — started a charity that has raised thousands of dollars for 30 charities. And, it all started with just 10 minutes. How powerful is that? Read her full posts here.

I love this idea of 10 minutes. I bet I can get my house cleaned in my 10 minute gaps today. What do you think you can do?

Photo credit: Chris Gilbert.

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