Emeraldalicious: Pinkalicious Turns Trash to Treasure

emeraldaliciousVictoria Kann has a new installment in her Pinkalicious series: Emeraldalicious. In this version Pinkalicious realizes the beauty in being green!

As Pinkalicious and her brother Peter stroll through a park, Pinkalicious falls and breaks her wand. They make a new one with flowers, vines and a stick, but the new wand flies out of Pinkalicious’ hand. As they chase the wand, it leads them to a dirty, trash dump.  It is here where they realize the power of love and how it can change things. Dirty trash gets transformed into beautiful things and flowers begin to grow.

As the other Pinkalicious books, this one is beautifully illustrated and enjoyable to read.  It goes on sale January 29 and will be a great read as we prepare for spring.

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