I’ve been living in North Carolina for two months now and have been anxiously anticipating fall. For years, we’ve traveled her on vacation just to see the fall colors and feel the cool, crisp beezes as we escaped the Florida heat for a week. September came and went, and, finally people are talking about fall. The weather is a bit cooler, I’ve had my first UGG spotting, and yet the leaves haven’t changed a bit.

Or so I thought.

You see, I was so busy anticipating, and waiting, that I didn’t look up. I neglected to see what was so clearly the first signs of fall – the leaves were starting to change colors.

colorHow did I miss this?

All too often, we get caught up in our day to day: school drop off, important business meetings, work travel, fall sports schedules, cleaning, making dinner, grocery shopping — you know the list. We get so caught up in our to do list that we don’t see the things that are changing right in front of our eyes.

It’s a reminder to stop. To take a moment each day to look around. What you are looking for might be right before your eyes!

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    Found your blog from twitter. (thanks for the follow, by the way.) Where in NC are you? I’m in the Asheville area, and I agree that if you aren’t really paying attention, you’ll miss leaf season. I miss the trees in my own back yard changing colors sometimes. It’s so easy to do (and so important NOT to miss!)

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