Happy Valentine’s Day: Give Yourself Something Today, Free Book at the End of This Post

Can you believe it’s here already? You either love February 14 or hate it. I really don’t think there’s much of an in between.

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, I’m sure we’d agree that it comes with pressure. When you’re single, it’s the pressure to have a date on or around the 14th. When you’re a couple it’s the pressure of a gift, the card (funny or serious?), and what to do today (dinner out or dinner in?). It’s enough to drive you crazy.

If you want to guarantee a great Valentine’s Day, however, you have to do something for yourself. The one thing I don’t like about Valentine’s day (besides the pressure) is the fact that we are waiting for someone to do something for us. Don’t wait, do something you love today. Something for you. Get a pedicure on your lunch break. Buy yourself one long stem red rose and display it in a place of honor. Buy a new piece of art for your bedroom or sacred space, something that will remind you to always be who you are on the inside. Order that magazine subscription that you’ve been eyeing, and enjoy the benefits for an entire year.

Above all, remember Valentine’s Day is about love. Loving yourself. Loving your spouse or partner. Loving your children. Loving others. It’s a day to be reminded of who we care about, which should always start with ourselves.


suzy.jpgIf you do only one thing today, do this: download Suze Orman’s newest book about women and finances, “Women & Money.” It’s a FREE, yes FREE, download from Oprah.com. The deal is only good until 5:00 p.m. today so do it now. Orman’s publisher agreed to give it away online for free as part of Orpah’s recent show about how a mother of 5 is left with zero money and a truckload of debt after her husband commits suicide. Suze develops a plan for the woman to get her life on track. Do yourself a favor today and get this book so you don’t fall into a situation like this woman is in.


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