Is Anna Duggar Pregnant?

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***** UPDATE 11/11/10 Anna Duggar Is Pregnant Again

**** UPDATE 10/9/09 Anna Duggar Gives Birth To Baby Girl

*** UPDATE 9/1/09* Michelle Duggar Pregnant With Baby Number 19 

** UPDATE 8/4/09* Find out if it’s a boy or a girl for Anna and Josh.

* UPDATE 4/13/09 * From Ann and Josh Duggar’s Web site:

We are now working full-time together at our pre-owned car dealership and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new little one! Season 2 of the series recently retitled “18 Kids & Counting!” on TLC will also highlight Anna’s pregnancy and keep viewers up to date on Josh & Anna’s life. You can check the TLC website for more information on the Duggars’ Television reality series.”

Each and every day I get someone coming to my site looking for the answer to “Is Anna Duggar Pregnant?” I don’t know the answer. If she is, I don’t think she’s telling anyone.

The question is swelling around Anna’s mother-in-law, who recently gave birth to her eighteenth child. Yes, 18 kids. And she wants more. Michelle Duggar has been quoted as saying she’d love to have more children. Her eldest child, Joshua Duggar, recently got married — to Anna. The young couple — in their very early 20s — apparently didn’t even kiss before their wedding day.

They, like their parents, want as many children as God will allow. Now, can you see why people are asking if Anna’s pregnant already? I’m sure it won’t be long before there is news of a grandchild for the elder Duggars. Who knows how long it will be before there’s an announcement from Josh and Anna; in the meantime, I assume people will still Google “Is Anna Duggar pregnant?” until they find out.

Maybe they’ll announce it on their official Web site.


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  1. says

    I’ve watched their television show several times, and I see her up-and-about doing things, but I’m convinced the rest of the time she’s just laying on the bed waiting to be seeded. (Ouch…that was pretty bad, wasn’t it?)

  2. sarah says

    My husband and I are also quiverful, we have a 8 month old girl (Amber) and are due with b/b twins (Zachary and Luke) in September, and we are also 20. I’m not here to bash Josh and Anna especialy since my husband and I share some aspects of life with them but I too google wether or not she is pregnant! On a new commercial on TLC they’re in Mexico and she looks it but she’s always had a little in the middle anyway so who knows?

  3. lizzy says

    I saw that she’s showing on the San Salvador show tonight as well! I can’t believe it happened so fast and she already has such a belly wow. I didn’t know she already as her Bachelor’s degree at age 20 and he owns a car dealership. They are just advanced for their age so starting a family now is fine since they are capable of supporting themselves.

  4. Erin says

    Sarah (the 20 year old quiverful girl)–How do you know you’re having twin boys due in September? It isn’t surprising that you would know that you’re having twins, but at 2 months pregnant you wouldn’t know the sex yet. The sex isn’t determined until about 20 weeks.

  5. Jackie says

    Erin, many people can find out the gender of their babies in utero before 20 weeks. Ultrasound is not the only way to determine gender.


  6. LizBeth says

    I found out I was having a boy at 11 weeks pregnant via ultrasound. It was confirmed 2 wks later at 13 weeks with another ultrasound. But at 8 wks they can draw amniotic fluid from the babies amniotic sac and type it whih includes DNA and gender.

  7. Susan says

    When they were in El Savador, I heard her say, “the baby” when they were carring those heavy bags filled with Christmas gifts. She couldn’t carry them. I would say she is expecting!

  8. says

    i watched tonight when they were at the movie awards – she tried covering it up by wearing a black jacket but at one point you can see the protuding belly and another point you could see her holding her belly

    So yes she is definantly pregnant

  9. marie says

    I noticed too on the program when they met Kurt Cameron. If you look……she is trying really hard to not let her tummy be seen. She is using other’s to block the view of her tummy and it was quite obvious.

  10. Mary Ann says

    On the show where they were doing the christmas parade and Josh was holding the monkey , Josh’s dad said… “Pretty soon you’ll have your own monkey running around”. I had wondered if that meant she was already pregnant.

  11. says

    I think that she is pregnant too. I imagine they havent announced it because they do not want too much press being that this is their first child. They probably want to cherish this private special time together.

  12. says

    Perhaps they are filming their own little mini series and they are keeping it quiet

    Can we say the newlywed Show?

    Most certainly would be interesting watching this new love couple from courting to their very own 36 children and pregnant again

  13. riisey says

    I am just curious about if she has a mind of her own or not, Some people are easily swayed to do what people tell them to do, I even wonder if they are in actual love with one another and how much pressure will be on her to have babies, Also if she does have a bachelors degree then when will she use it because I don’t believe she is suppose to work is she? I believe in GOD and I love him but there is just something not quite right about all of this and their website doesn’t really talk about them per se, They are cute together. I wonder how so many people know that these people will stay married forever when we have pastors and other religious members that divorce all the time, but now since she has chosen to live amongst the family it will be hard to leave if she is unhappy. I truly would go crazy with all those people around me all the time. No offense.

  14. jessica says

    i think she is pregnant because when they did the christmas parade josh held the monkey and jim bob said pretty soon you will have your own little monkey running around and she is showing

  15. Tina says

    I would say she most definitely is pregnant, you can tell when they walk into the Alamo in this “webisode” I can’t believe they started so quickly, whatever happened to Josh’s dream of becoming an attorney,and what on earth will she do with her B.A. (besides homeschooling 40 kids), it’s all down the toobs now that they’re popping out kids right and left. I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s episode… I think it will be officially announced then.

  16. Holly says

    I think they are waiting until to this season finale to announce she’s pregnant…that way, next season will talk about her pregnacy and then she’ll have the baby on the season finale.

  17. Mary Beth says

    I really can’t understand why anyone would say anything bad about that family. They are the most lovely people. As for Josh and Anna, I really see them as adopting also. When they were in El Salvador I think that got them thinking that mybe God will be calling them to make a big family by adopting children who REALLY need a family.

  18. Miikala says

    Josh’s dream to be an attorney??? It’s just a dream. He graduated from homeschool at 16, he’s 20 or older now, and he hasnt set foot in a college. IF he wanted to be an attorney, WHY hasnt he started yet? He’s waiting to get six kids under his belt so he can get financial aid?
    If it were his dream, he’d be in college.

  19. says

    As of the airing of the San Salvador episode, I doubt that Anna was pregnant. They would not have let her to travel to a third world country and risk her unborn child.

  20. Ciara says

    Miikala, with all do respect, you can have a dream to be an attorney and not be in college. I have a dream to learn how to scuba dive, but I’m not in Florida taking classes at this second. Will be in July, but not right this second. He owns a car dealership, and Anna and himself work there. He’s proabably preoccupied with being a newlywed, it happens. Anyway, I want to know the answser to this question as well, they are such a cute couple and I really hope they are!!! Looks like we’ll find out for sure ladies next Tuesday on TLC. =)

  21. Ash says

    I am also wondering if she is pregnant, but I don’t get all these people who think they know the Duggars personally and therefore feel they have the right to bash them! If Anna and Josh want to start a family this early into their marriage, then so be it! I think they are a darling couple and they truly seem to be in love. I wish them all the happiness in the world and the best of luck!

  22. Mary says

    There is supposed to be an “annoucement” on the Today show next week. They teased it like it was Jim and Michelle but I am thinking it is Josh and Anna. I think it is Wednesday am.

    • says

      This family stirs up so much crtornveosy. But having seen the show and learning a little more about this family I totally respect them. They are a good, good family and they teach their children hard work, honesty, charity and financial independence, among many other good things. We need more people in the world like them. Would I ever have that many children, no way, but it is their decision just like everyone else has.

  23. Jen says

    I think the announcement will be that Anna is pregnant. A healthy girl like her not getting pregnant after they have been married this long and promised to leave it up to God. The Duggars are the least of society’s worries. That family supports themselves. People in general need to worry about all the people who have many children and don’t even give a thought about how they’re going to raise them … and then fail to raise their children. Don’t worry about the people who take care of the kids and have successfully raised them and are raising them (regardless of HOW you think they bring up their children), worry about the people who have an inane amount of children and have no idea how to even care for them!

  24. Taylor says

    Erin, I knew when I was less than three months pregnant that I was going to have a girl. I went to a high risk doctor and had a level two ultrasound and an amniocentesis. It doesn’t take until 20 weeks to find out the sex.

  25. Birth control advocate says

    Jen, what are JB and Mich going to do when they have one special needs kid after another? How will they handle those gifts from G0d?

  26. Lori R says

    Birth control advocate–I found what you said to be very offensive. I am a parent of a special needs child, and to imply just because these people are having so many babies could cause them to have special needs children is just plain rude!

    As for how they would handle those gifts from God IF that ever did happen to them I am sure they would handle it just as I have and other special needs children have. With love and care for them just like their other children.

  27. Nikkie says

    Thats funny Lori K, i was thinking the same thing!!!lol Lets just hope its not a Z. That would be tough to find enough names for all the kids there probably going to have.

  28. Nikkie says

    I just had another thought. What if they had a boy and named it after Josh? Naming the rest of there kids would be dang near impossible, Jim Bob and Michelle took all the “J” names known to man!!! I think what they should do is have there first childs name start with an “A”, the the second child a”B”, and then so on. But if they did that they would need to have 26 children, but im bettin that wouldnt be far fetched for the duggar family.

  29. maryjean says

    I have watched the specials of the duggars before.
    My guess is anna is mostly likely expecting.I
    must admit they do spend time with their
    kids and teaching them things like values and
    and about being a family but at the same
    time I question them.If you ever watch their
    NYC trip on t.v. Michelle was asked while packing
    what sizes do your children wear her reponse is
    I don’t even know what sizes the children
    wear you would to ask the girls(she is their mother
    and seams not know what size clothes her children
    wear how many mothers don’t know thats)

    After Jackson is lost in airport a camera man
    tells them they missing a child(they were unwear
    they missing a child)then after he was found he
    was seen crying on his sister lap only to have Jimbob
    say we have so many kids we can’t watch them all
    so we expect our older kids to keep an eye on them
    (in a airport your not keeping an eye are your
    smaller children)In the esposide where they bring
    home jordan they make the comment that Jennifer
    was getting out her cribe and they weren’t sure what
    to do so they put her in the room with the older
    girls because it would to hard to watch her and the
    new baby.And in that esposide you see some of the
    smaller children pushing a roll away desk with one
    of the children inside into a wall and climing
    up onto windows which they could easly fall off of.
    I am not saying they bad people just I think its time
    for them to raise the ones they have and stop having
    new ones.

  30. mary mcg from de says

    Wow Josh and Anna didnt take long to become pregnant. It is their choice if they want to have a family at such young age. Why do people judge them. They are self supporting only thing is they are so young but i am sure that they will be guided by Jim BOb an Michelle

  31. Mary Beth says

    I am happy for them but I think they should’ve waited since they don’t know eachother at all. Even JimBob and Michelle were married four years before they had their first child. With all that said I hope she has a very healthy happy pregnancy.

  32. Erin says

    I too found out the sex of my baby before 20 weeks. There are high tech ultrasounds, amnio, and other tests that can determine these things early.

  33. says

    Oh how I used to admire and practically worship Michelle Duggar ~ she was my role model ~ my inspiration.

    Our family shared a lot of the same beliefs ~ we were committed to letting the Lord “plan our family” ~ and even though I had c-section deliveries and complications which nearly killed me ~ I would have continued to live and espouse the lifestyle ~ that is, until the pressure of being perfect drove my oldest daughter to despair. When she ended up in the psych ward after attempting to kill herself ~ I finally woke up to what a warped and twisted belief system and lifestyle we were following.

    I am no longer having all the babies which “the Lord chooses to bless me with” ~ I am no longer striving to be the perfect godly wife and mother ~ I am no longer homeschooling (brainwashing) my kids ~ and I am No Longer Quivering

  34. Marie says

    Lori R, I am a mother of a special needs child as well and birth control advocate did not offend me in the least. In fact I have thought in the same lines.
    She is up there in age, she cant take care of what she has, her older kids take on the parenting role. How will a downs syndrome child fit in with this mix?
    It may not sound pretty to talk about but it’s a very real possibility.

  35. Mary says

    I wondered if they even know what love is. In their wedding photos, they look so stiff and uncomfortable. Normally the groom has his arm around the bride in the wedding photos. He looks scared to do that. Seems sort of ‘arranged’ to me. They didn’t even really date before he proposed to her, did they? And true to the Bible, they will stick it out and procreate like crazy even if it is a mismatch.

  36. Rebecca says

    While I don’t agree with the way Birth Control Advocate said it, I’ve had that thought too. I have no doubt the Duggars would be dedicated to caring for any special needs child they may have, and all children ARE a gift. However, it is simply a fact that there is a greater chance of having a special needs child as the parents get older,and it’s hard; I will say that they must be aware of this fact and have prepared themselves for it, so if it happens, it will work out well.

  37. Rebecca says

    PS: I do not believe in procreating will-nilly. However, since the Duggars insist on doing so, I think they are going about it the best way possible; they support themselves and the kids are well fed and well behaved, and if they aren’t very close to thier parents they do at least have each other.

  38. Missy says

    I think it’s funny how many people said they knew she was pregnant and showing in December… considering she didn’t get pregnant until late January/early February, LOL.

  39. Lyddie says

    I am the child/oldest daughter of a Quiverful family (there are 13 of us kids). Initially, we pretty much kept to ourselves and families like us, so I didn’t really know much different and really felt this was the way God meant for us to live. When I was younger, probably before the age of 10, I loved it. I had a lot of fun having so many siblings and since most of the families we spent time with had lots of kids, it was great. But by the time I was 10 or so, my parents had 8 children and with my father at work, my mother could no longer physically take care of all of them by herself, which meant that I had to take on a major portion of the mothering duties. I didn’t mind at first and was used to always helping out, but you are expected to never complain, always be happy, etc. On a typical day, I was responsible for waking up and dressing 5 of my younger siblings, preparing breakfast for the whole family, cleaning up after breakfast, attending school, teaching Bible study to the younger kids, grading the younger kids schoolwork, preparing and cleaning up lunch for the whole family, 4 loads of laundry, bathing the younger 5 children, doing my homework and special projects that were assigned. I would get frustrated watching my 8 year old sister outside playing, but if I even looked upset, my parents would both sit me down and make me feel guilty for disappointing them and God. It was a lot to handle. I thought something was wrong with me that I couldn’t live my life happily the way everyone else seemed to. I got married when I was 17 to a really wonderful guy who was 19 years old. Our parents were good friends and although, like Josh and Anna we never actually dated, we had met on several occasions. But at 24 with 5 children and one on the way, my oldest daughter came to me (she was 6 at the time) and said “Mommy, can I please play outside by myself for just 15 minutes?”. I realized that from morning till night, my little girl was running around alongside me – a little mommy at the age of 6. Asking for those 15 minutes was a big deal for her. She knew it was asking a lot because I NEEDED her. Of course, I let her go, but when my husband came home from work, I told him I could no longer live like this. He’s such a beautiful person and after we sat down and had a very long discussion, we realized that God’s path is not the same for everyone and that for us we need to follow a different way. Both of our families were greatly disappointed when we said we were no longer going to follow this path, but for us, our marriage, our children, this is the best thing for us and we truly believe that God led us in this direction for a reason. I’d also like to point out that while the Duggars do very well for themselves, there are many people who live the Quiverful life who CANNOT afford it and still continue to have children beyond their means. These children are not properly fed or clothed and many are married off quite young to get them out of the house. You won’t see that on an episode of the Duggars. I do praise them for allowing their children to pick their own mates, as did my parents, this does not always happen in Quiverful families. Many of the boys are pressured to find a wife and the girls are pressured to get married to start having babies. There are many good principles of the Quiverful movement, but in the end, I think God gave us minds to use to realize when we need to rethink an old idea or way of life, and this type of life is not for everyone. One thing I am very thankful for is my absolute gift of a husband, who I might not have met if I did not grow up in a Quiverful household, and our 6 beautiful children, but I am not regretful for not having more children or continuing the Quiverful way.

  40. JR says

    I’ve watched a few of the Duggar episodes and noticed a pattern in every one of them- the older children raising/taking care of the little ones. These people have far too many children to provide the individual attention a child needs from their parents at every stage in life. This is evident by the interactions between Anna and Josh. They seem starved for affection from one another. This is my unbiased observation after watching a few episodes.

  41. Emma says

    The Dugger Family is awesome. They are so sweet and so happy. I was so happy hear that Anna was pregnant. While I think that dating is a great way to get to know someone, they did get really lucky finding eachother. and they’ll be great paretns, they each g ot good heads on their shoulders and are really mature (those saying that Anna is just a child and has no mindof her own, stop. Just stop. She knows what she’s doing.) I can’t wait to see their baby and I hope to be in a great marriage liketheirs someday.

  42. jessica says

    josh and anna are so sweet and i am so happy for them and i think they will be great parents and can’t wait to find out the gender i hope they have a boy and it looks like josh lol

  43. Nanci says

    I think the Duggars are great. Josh and Anna will make great parents from what I can see on the show. As for seeming starved for affection, I think most newlyweds are like that. I know my husband and I sure were.
    I’ve never heard of the Quiverful movement. I have read the verse in the Bible about a man being blessed to have his quiver full of children. I think the key to this verse is knowing when your quiver is full. Personally, I can provide for -mentally, physically, and emotionally- my 3 children and I absolutely LOVE being their mother. I knew 3 was enough for OUR family. If Jim Bob and Michelle can handle it, which it sure seems so to me, then more power to them! It’s not anyone’s place to criticize or snub their noses at them!!!!!

  44. Nanci says

    P.S. How many people do you know that own a house like that and their cars and are debt-free? They sure must be doing something right!!!

  45. Rebecca says

    I have read all the comments here, and noticed that most of them are either dead-set against the Duggar’s beliefs, or very supportive. I too am a Christian, brought up in Christian household with only one sibling. We were both homeschooled and felt loved and cherished, and didn’t even feel like we missed out on anything by not being public schooled! I was recently married to my dearest husband of 6 months. I did not date him, and no, I was not “forced” into marriage. I did not even know him very well, but we had both been praying since our teenage years that God would provide us with a godly, loving spouse with similar beliefs, just as I am sure Josh and Anna did. We and our parents both felt that this was God’s answer for both of us, because of the many confirmations by His Spirit and our feelings for each other.

    I hope that my husband and I will be able to raise a family that follows after God’s ways, and we don’t yet know how many children He will bless us with. I don’t think we are the parents chosen to raise 18 children, but who are we to criticize those who are! Like Nanci (above) said, it all depends on what a parent feels is a “quiverful”. If you feel one child is all that you can provide for spiritually, emotionally and physically, than that is the right number for you. But if you are longing for more and feel that God is calling you to have more children, than that is a good thing, too. The key is to giving yourself over to God’s will in everything, and good things will come of it.

    Well, perhaps I have said enough… I only wished to give a slightly different perspective on everything. Let us not look down on each other for being different, but be supportive of God-fearing, upright people like the Duggars! God bless you all, and much joy to Josh and Anna Duggar and their baby daughter!

  46. Rebecca says

    P.S. I meant to say that, as to being “starved for affection”, my husband and I have acted very similarly our first 6 months of marriage, and we had very loving, supportive families growing up. It’s a newlywed thing!

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