It’s Finally Friday, Folks

finallyfridayI’ve been working away behind the scenes here at Balancing Motherhood, but you wouldn’t really know that would you. I’m doing “under the hood” things to the blog so that it will function better, searching for new, easier to read fonts, researching inspiration, and preparing for a new series of posts that I hope to launch soon.

This summer was a doosey for me and my family, making a big out of state move. We’re still adjusting to our new city and home: boxes need to be unpacked, the dining room table is a mess and I need to put things away. I’ve decided the room I chose for my office isn’t inspiring enough and is too dark. So, I need to move it downstairs, which means I have to paint that room. One thing leads to another thing to do. Busy mom’s lists are always long it seems. Some days it’s just too overwhelming and you just want to climb back under the covers. Yet, we need to keep marching forward, but don’t beat yourself up if you need a break and just say “to heck with it for today.” One day isn’t going to stop the world from spinning. One day of rest and relaxation might be just what you need to get going again.

So, what is on your plate for this weekend? The temperature is lowering here by several degrees this weekend so we plan on being outside doing some yard projects to get prepared for fall. Whatever is on your list for the weekend, don’t get overwhelmed because it’s finally Friday, folks!

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