Legoland Florida: A Theme Park Worth Visiting

Legoland Florida

Last week I was a chaperone for my son’s Kindergarten class on their trip to Legoland Florida. Let me start out by saying there is no educational value in Legoland. It was just a fun time with the kids. A time to be together outside the classroom. This is the entrance. That hand in the photo? It’s a woman praising Legoland. Nah, she’s probably just waiting to someone at the other side of the gate.

It’s your typical theme park, except that everywhere you turn stuff is made of legos … well, except the rides. This is a double merry-go-round. Yep, totally awesome.

Here is the life-sized Darth Vader in all his awesomeness. Yep, that’s all lego.

In the middle of the park is “Miniland USA” where there are lego replicas of famous places around America. Here’s the Kennedy Space Center and the Space Shuttle.

Here’s the Capitol building and Washington DC in the background. OK, so I said there was zero educational value at this park. WRONG. We spent a lot of time in Miniland and talked about all these famous buildings. Everything from the San Francisco bridge to the White House.

But they get back to fun … here’s what I call pirate island. A ton of pirate ships.

There are two driving experiences, one for kids 3-5 and another for kids 6-13. Both of these photos (above and below) are from the 6-13 driving range.

Look at them go. These are so much fun to watch little kids driving cars.

This is a great park. They have it all, just pint sized for our little kids. They’ve got roller coasters, bumper boats, ski show, places to play with legos, playgrounds, shows. If you have little ones and are in the area, it’s worth the visit. You’ll have a blast.

So, here are my tips:

  • Arrive early. Gates open at 10:00, but if you need to purchase tickets you can arrive early. The park closes at 5:00 so you need to be sure to be able to get in as much as you can. You’ll be hard pressed to see it all.
  • This park is great for kids 48 inches and taller. At this height, they can ride the rides solo. Many of the rides also have a minimum ride height of 34 or 36 inches. If they are this height, they can ride the ride with an adult rider (or a rider taller than 48 inches.) Each ride is different so you have to check.
  • Perfect for elementary-aged kids.
  • The theme park is in Winter Haven, Florida which is about 40 minutes from Disney.
  • They are only open 5 days a week, currently closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Website for more information: Legoland Florida.

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