Mom of Octoplets Looking At Million Dollar Home

The Moms at Work blog has a post today about the mom of octoplets (actually 14 kids in total) is looking at purchasing a million dollar home. She doesn’t have a job.

I recently posted a story about how she is planning on living off student loans.

I also linked to a story yesterday from that says the home she currently lives in is facing foreclosure.

What’s going on here and can someone get the full story?

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  1. Carrie says

    It would be impossible to “live off of student loans” She eventually will have to pay them back, and she wouldn’t qualify for Financial Aid with a million dollar home.

  2. says

    This whole situation just kinda makes me sick. I refuse to watch her “reality” show when it airs, and try to minimize any attention I give to media coverage.

  3. says

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