Planning Everything Helps Everybody

My husband has been trying to get a study night outside the house for three nights now. Tonight is the only night it worked out. It’s because we planned it, to the T. I knew he needed to go.

Last night, it was a disaster. It took me longer to get home from work than usual. The kitchen was a disaster. We didn’t know what to make for dinner. We watched the Space Shuttle launch, which in itself is worth a change in schedule, but had we planned the activities around watching the Shuttle we would have been better off.

So, today we did things a bit differently:

  • I picked up the kids from school while he started dinner so that we could eat on time.
  • I got a shower immediately after dinner, knowing if I waited even 10 minutes my window of opportunity would pass.
  • We told my son about it early on so he wouldn’t have a meltdown.
  • He even had his shoes on, ready to leave the house, before we sat down to dinner.

Planning to this level is how it has to be right now. With two kids, one being a baby, it’s nearly impossible to get some things done around here. With proper planning, we can do it, but the key is planning.  Here’s hoping it will go as well next week when he needs to do it again.

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