How to Get Your Child to Sleep

Resources for Getting Your Toddler to Sleep:

A common recommendation I found was to buy the book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby.” I tried to get it from my local library, but it was already checked out, no doubt by a desperate parent.

I opted for a book on the shelf, “Good Night, Sleep Tight.” All of the advice, from “the Sleep Lady,” is broken down by age of your child. I found it to be helpful in getting our son back on schedule.

An important element in your quest is to know how much sleep your child needs for his age. Many books on child sleeping will tell you, but I like the chart on — it graphically displays how much sleep kids need.

Always trust your gut too. It may not be a sleeping problem, but a medical-related issue that needs treatment from a doctor.


  • Sleep Soother crib toy — we love this toy and it’s calming effects.
  • Try the crib tent if your toddler is climbing out of his crib. It’s not as evil as it looks.

Last updated: 4-23-08