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I’m looking for ways to share money-saving tips with readers (and for myself). I ran across an article on about shopping in your own closet.

I’ve always heard that we wear only 20 percent of the clothes we own. The other 80 percent stay in the deep depths of the closet, in bins waiting for a particular season, stay on hangers waiting for us to loose that 10 pounds we’ve been trying to drop for 20 years. Only that favorite 20 percent gets worn regularly.

According to the CBS article:

Most of us already own 40 to 50 percent of the clothes we’ll need for the season so, “It’s just about going back into your closet and finding what you have, familiarizing yourself again with your closet and your wardrobe.”

… with the average person spending $300 to $1,000 a year on new clothes, shopping your closet can save you a bundle.”

How about going through your closet this season and getting rid of stuff you wouldn’t ever wear again. Be honest. Give the good things to charity. Other clothes, just throw away or make rags of. Make room so you can see all your clothes and get more use out of ALL of them.

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