Talking To Your Kids About Sex: What’s The Appropriate Age?

One of the episode’s of Oprah last week was about talking to your kids about sex. What is the best age to start talking about the “mechanics of sex”? The emotional part of sex? Self stimulation? Masturbation? Even … vibrators?

It was an eye-opening episode for sure. Dr. Laura Berman (a sex therapist, who also has a twin sister who is an MD), says that we should start doing this when they are young. On the show, she walked an embarrassed mother through the mechanics of sex conversation, using print outs of the female and male genitalia (available for download on The daughter was 10.

Dr. Berman says that 10 is not too young for this conversation, and that by the time the kids are in middle school we should have had this first conversation so that we can begin to have the other parts of the continuing conversation as they age.

She even suggests we tell our daughters about the possibility of using vibrators around the age of 15 or 16. As you can image, this caused quite a stir in the audience.

Kids today are sexting on their cell phones and talking (even engaging) in sexual conversations and acts at very young ages. I’m grateful that the Oprah show decided to expose this to us so we can prepare our children (boys included).

This Thursday, the conversation continues on Oprah — what to do if your child tells you he/she is ready to have sex.


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