The ‘Easiest Diet I Ever Was On’

Elizabeth Edwards says the easiest diet she ever was on was when she was pregnant. Yes, it’s true. … Her quote in the recent “O Magazine” continues, “pregnant with gestational diabetes.”

Pregnant women everywhere dread taking the glucose test. Worry about negative results. Worry about having to stay away from sugar. But, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Elizabeth says,

I was so rigorous about my eating I actually lost weight. It wasn’t a diet for me to look some particular way (because there’s a part of mte that rebels against that); this had to do with my baby’s health.”

I too had gestational diabetes and I too lost weight overall. I swear to this day it was the best diet I was ever on. It was hard, but easy at the same time. Because I was doing it for my baby, not for me. It’s easy to say no to that donut at work, to white foods, to all the things you love. You want to keep your unborn child healthy. So, why is it so hard for us to have this same attitude for ourselves?

Elizabeth says:

So it may be easier if you describe your health goals in terms of somebody else. But sometimes it really is about you.”

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