The Importance of Finding Balance

I recently watched a great video on TED, “How to make work life balance work,” which is inspiring this post. The speaker, Nigel Marsh, got fired and finally learned the meaning and value of putting his personal life first.

It’s so often the case, that something major has to happen for us to change. We shouldn’t have to loose our jobs in order to find peace with our lives. Or to make a change that will improve our home lives with our families. If we put ourselves first, we can make a difference.

“Don’t fall into the trap of ‘I’ll have a life when I retire,” Marsh says. So true! How many of us are trudging through our careers and living for weekends and vacations. Work needs to mean more than that and you can’t wait until the end of your life to enjoy it. We must stop now and make work enjoyable by balancing what we do for a living with what we want from our family time. We must make the changes now or regret it later. And, my friends, later might not come.

There are other parts to life Marsh says:

  • intellectual side
  • emotional side
  • spiritual side

“These all need to be balanced,” he says. “We need to tend to all these areas.” Amen, brother!

You might tear up a bit near the end of the video (9:00 mins on video). Marsh tells the story of his son’s “best day ever.” It’s when he leaves work early and takes his son to the park. So simple, yet so meaningful to a young child. These are the moments that define our children’s lives. Marsh says it best, “small things matter.”

Watch the entire video below, it’s worth it:


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Alicia Lewis Murray BioABOUT ALICIA: Alicia is the founder of Balancing Last year, she managed to stay sane while completing an MBA, working full-time, blogging, and still baking amazing birthday cakes ā€” all while raising a young family at home.


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    My husband was the same way. He worked long, crazy hours, but once he lost his job he suddenly realized how much he missed out on while he was working. Although things have been tough financially, as a family we’re much happier because were together and we’re living.

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