‘Twilight’ Moms and What We Can Learn from Stephenie Meyer

The November 23 issue of “New York” magazine boasts “The Gift List,” which made me pick it up this month. I’m a subscriber, but lately haven’t been reading. I’ve been waiting for my subscription to run out, but every now and then I pick it up to read. I secretly want to live in New York city, thus the subscription to magazine that most issues I only read the cover. I’ve loved New York since my first trip in high school, maybe before. I dreamed of becoming a big-wig executive in a glamorous city, sipping martini’s, living the “Sex and the City” life. With two kids, that life is far from what I want, yet I still love NYC — so I live vicariously through the magazine and trips every other year.

TwilightAfter skimming through the gift guide, I stumbled upon an article about “Twilight” moms. Entitled, “Twilight, Take Me Away! Teenage Vampires and the Mothers Who Love Them,” it talks about how the “Twilight” books aren’t just for love-stuck teenagers. Here are some excerpts that intrigued me:

“The books made me feel like a teenager again.”

“TwilightMoms members go so far as to say the books have strengthened their marriages.”

“More than a handful of those (moms) confided that ‘Twilight’ had improved their sex lives

Moms Can Do It

Written by a stay-at-home mom, Stephenie Meyer, she should be inspiration that you can do whatever it is you desire. Stephenie was on “The Oprah Winfrey” show recently talking about how she came up with the now-popular series. It came to her in a dream and she decided to write it down. Don’t miss this important piece of information: Stephenie, the author of the entire “Twilight” series, the now, must be uber-rich, stay-at-home mom took an action to a thought she had. She didn’t let an idea get past her. She also took an important next step and did something with this idea: She sent it to a publisher and didn’t give up when she got several rejection letters. Lesson to the rest of us: Don’t give up in something you believe in. This is crucial for woman, especially mothers, to remember. It’s so easy to get caught up in what our kids’ are doing. We’re so tired at the end of the day that we’d rather give in, just to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep. Stephanie took action, but she also believed it when someone else told her what she did was good (she explains in the Oprah interview that her sister prompted her to submit it for publication). Too often we let that voice of doubt inside our head take over. We can’t let it win.

Popular seems like such a lame word to use to describe the phenomenon behind these books. I just love that the author of such a powerful franchise is 1.) a woman 2.) a mom. It shows that we can do anything.

Back to The Book — What About Those Vampires?

Now, I’m not a vampire person. I freely admit that I never saw the popular Ann Rice/Tom Cruise “Interview with a Vampire.” I know — everyone saw it. I’m just not into vampires. But, I have to say the recent news about the “New Moon” coming out in the theaters and all the media surrounding this series has me intrigued. I want to know what I am missing. I want to support a mother. I want to see what has gotten so many people reading again.

“New York” magazine didn’t have any of the “Twilight” books on its “The Gift List,” but I suspect with 17 million copies already sold, it doesn’t need to be on a gift idea list.

What do you think about the books? Do you recommend them?


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  1. SLopez says

    I saw the first one with my daughter who had not read the books, and we both loved it… so we bought all the books. Ended up that I read them all in the space of a week! That was Christmas last year, and I haven’t been on a book bender like that in decades! I still haven’t seen New Moon, but I have to go with ‘my” girls this time, cuz now my daughter doesn’t think it’s cool that we like the same thing! HAHA! And then… my husband was so intrigued as to what I was so engrossed in that he read the electronic version on his iPhone… and he really liked them and the way that she wrote — so good things all around!

    Please don’t write about how beautiful it is where you are — HAHA!

  2. Jean Lewis says

    As a book seller, I talk with many customers about all sorts of books. I have to say that I have women of all ages coming in to buy the series. I have had many comments on the books from other book sellers and strangers. The most I hear is that the author is a great story teller but the books are just not that well written; hence they are pin pointed for teens. I find that the adults that rave about them are the people who are not big readers. This is not in any way mentioned to belittle anyone, it is just a fact.

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