Want To Loose Weight? Write It Down

A new study says that those who keep a food diary are more likely to loose weight, according to ABC News. Many diet centers across the country already apply this wisdom for their clients. As a former Weight Watchers member I can attest that yes, by writing down every bite you eat, you do eat less.

While on the program, I remember writing down that I had a cookie with my lunch one day — something I was allowed to have because I counted the points for it. What I didn’t account for was that later in that day, after dinner, I wanted dessert. I had forgotten that I had already had a sweet that day. I’m not saying I couldn’t have had both if I were in my points allocation for the day, but I was trying to limit myself to one treat a day and I forgot about one.

When you don’t have to write it down, you aren’t accountable to anyone.  It’s as simple as keeping a piece of scrap paper in your pocket throughout the day, updating it every time you take a bite.


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    I’ve tried writing stuff down, but I don’t always remember to write everything down. I’m so absent-minded sometimes lol. But I have noticed on the days I did remember to write everything down, I didn’t eat as much. I just wish I could stick with it!

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