What To Tell Your Kids

Upon hearing about the events at Sandy Hook Elementary I thought about my own two children, ages 7 and 3. The 7-year-old is the same age as several of the tiny, innocent victims of Friday’s tragedy. How could this happen?

My husband and I talked about whether or not to tell him and his sister. After doing some research, we decided the 3-year-old was too young for this news. We were assured by her school they would keep conversations away from this topic so we feel she will be shielded. Our 7-year-old, however is much more conversant and we felt that he might hear the news through sources we couldn’t control. We decided to talk to him about what happened. I’m glad we did. Now, I know exactly what information he has and he knows to come to us if he hears anything about this event.

Every parent needs to make this decision based on what they know about their family and their children. Work with your schools, churches, family and friends to make sure you have the decision that is right for you.

Here’s a link on how to talk to your kids about the event.

Sending continued prayers to the family and friends of Sandy Hook Elementary.

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