Would You Leave Your 8 Year Old Alone At a Public Park?

Today on “Good Morning America” they ran an interview with a New York city mother who is charging $350 for a playgroup with no supervision. It sounds odd enough that you’d actually pay to put your kid in a public park like Central Park without anyone there to aid your child should he/she need assistance. It begs the question, what exactly are you paying for? The real controversy, however, surrounds the decision to let 8 year olds play with zero adult supervision.

The mother, author of the book “Free-Range Kids,” says she’s done her research and cites lower crime rates than the ’70s and ’80s. When I hear this story all I think about is the 8 year old who was snatched while walking home from school one day. His parents had practiced the route with him and had prepared him to make his way home, but the unthinkable happened.

Would you let your child play in a park with no supervision? What age is appropriate to do this?

Here’s the story: New York Mom Charging $350 To Let Kids Play In Unsupervised Park

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    I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. They are definitely not the ages at which playing at a park nspervised is even contemplated let a lone a good idea at all. When they’re older as in teenagers – 15, 16 and older, I might let them depending on the circmstances.

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