Easy Monster Valentine’s Box

This was a totally spontaneious project this afternoon. We were to make a Valentine’s Day box from a shoe box or cereal box — to hold Valentine’s day cards and candy. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that there is more candy than cards so I knew we needed a large hole for the goodies. That’s where this project began: I cut a large rectangle in the top of a shoe box. Then we covered the box with a brown paper grocery bag.

One thing led to another and my son and I started talking and came up with the idea of teeth for the hole. These are simply made using a piece of cardboard and an exacto knife. We traced the cardboard cutouts on white paper, cut the white paper teeth out and glued them on top of the cardboard.

Next we taped the teeth onto the backside of the lid for a three-dimensional effect.

Add a couple of lopsided eyes and some drawn on hair, and viola, instant monster. I love this box and hope the kids get a kick out of it at school on Tuesday.

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