AliciaHi, I’m Alicia Lewis Murray. I’m the founder, editor, writer, photographer, graphics guru, community manager, assistant, and technical trouble-shooter of BalancingMotherhood.com.

It all started the summer before my baby’s first birthday when I decided I wanted to make his birthday cake from scratch. I don’t know if it was the new mom hormones, or just an innate desire to please, but I wanted this cake to be memorable. I took a 4-week cake decorating class held at our local craft store where I learned the basics of butter cream icing, decorating, and piping techniques. The training room didn’t have a sink, so we had to bring a container filled with water, and paper towels so we could clean our utensils during class. It was hard-core. Using what I’d learned, I managed to make a sweet (although very rough) duck cake for his first birthday. My skills have greatly improved and I haven’t stopped learning. Now, with two children, I bake 2 elaborate cakes a year. Baking became my creative outlet to combat the stress of working full-time while raising a young family.

The birthday cakes were, and still are, reader favorites. We plan them out 2-4 months in advance. I try to show the step-by-step process that I use to create each cake in hopes it can inspire a creation of your own! I’ve learned a lot in the 9 years since I started baking cakes, and I try share what I’ve learned with you. My reward isn’t selling a cake I make (I always get asked), but seeing the smiling faces eating it.

And because we can’t have cake every day, and as a result of my desire for our family of four to eat dinner together, I started making family recipes and eating at home more often. My goal has been to learn as much as I can about healthy eating habits and incorporate them into our daily lives, while balancing my desire for our favorite scrumptious treats. The focus of the site has naturally evolved to help people live intentional and balanced lives while helping families come together through simple and easy recipes everyone loves.

And, I know a thing or 2 about being a busy mom. I worked in corporate America for 20 years and spent way too much money eating in restaurants and ordering take out. This is why I started transforming my old family favorites into simple and easy recipes that even the busiest families can manage. Everything you find on BalancingMotherhood.com is something that a home cook can manage. And, it’s all kid approved. My two little taste testers help me in the kitchen. Some days it takes longer to make a recipe because I’ve got a 4 ft. helper who’d rather lick the bowl than stir the ingredients, but I realize that one day these will be cherished memories. The balancing motherhood kitchen is a busy one. And, if your kitchen is anything like mine, it’s usually got a sink full of dirty dishes.

The motto of Balancing Motherhood is
Family First | Work Hard | Live Life

I believe that family is #1 and all our decisions revolve around something bigger than ourselves. We teach our children the relevancy of hard work, and that it’s equally important to balance it all out in order to live a life you love.

myfamilyAbout Alicia

alicia_headshot_150I’m a successful businesswoman having worked in online industries as an award-winning journalist, a pioneer in network television, and an executive leading strategic online initiatives for a top media and entertainment university. I recently left corporate America to gain control over my schedule, have true flexibility, and spend more time with my family. We moved to the mountains in NC where I manage this site, do freelance writing, and social media consulting. My background is in journalism, photography, social media, and fine art – luckily, all make perfect skills for blogging.

While working in large offices I frequently found myself being asked to be a mentor. I loved encouraging women to achieve their dreams, become caring managers, and help them find a place at the table among a room full of men. Women have many different roles in life, so I have a special place in my heart for work-life balance issues. As a busy mom of two, I know the struggles of trying to do it all. Because of my experiences, I offer smart solutions for work-life balance in the balance section of the site.

And, finally, last year, I managed to stay sane while completing an MBA, working full-time, blogging, and baking a few cakes — all while raising a young family at home.

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